Thursday, 9 September 2010

Hiatus. Southwold [Summer 2010]

I went on an unannounced hiatus, sorry.
I had to sort out things with family.
No worries, it's sorted now.
So, i'll spam you with some of my summer pics taken in Southwold with my new baby;
my Fuji Instax,
man I love this thing, but it's so bloody big,
everyone stares at you like WTF when you use it
you get random people asking you wtf is that,
and the film is bloody expensive T.T.
I still take it everywhere though ;D
I've always wanted an instant camera.

(Click to enlarge these)
Looks like a desert island beach or something, doesn't it?
See if you can spot the lone little boy xD

I love this clock thingy, fascinates me every time. :D

That's it for now ;D

Here, have some FIERCE 2ne1;

I don't care, i'm lovin' it. Awaitin' 2NE1TV.
Bommie werk dat red head ;D

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Music festival feeling. [Latitude 2010]

This year's Latitude festival was soo good,
it never disappoints :D
All of the acts were amazing, though Florence and the machine
was the icing on the cake.

Sitting out in the sun enjoying good music with friends
what could be better?

I'll share some pictures I took on my days there.

Bubbles :D

The flags are so pretty each year
You can't really see
but around this sign
there were sheep dyed different colours :D

The pictures don't do any justice as to
how many people turned out this year, it was jam packed.

What I bought

You can't visit Latitude without visiting the stalls!I told you I was a fake eyelash addict :D I havn't tried these yet, i'll try incorporating them into my gyaru make-up.

I'm a sucker for some lace.
This is actually a vintage nightdress,
again the picture does no justice
(ughh mobile pic)
but i'll wear it like a maxi or something :D

No more buys 'cuz i'm broke now D:

This week
First episode of Matsujun's new drama natsu-niji is on tommorrow
@9pm can't wait, i'll be watching.
It's another rabu rabu story.
As expected, Arashi will be singing the theme tune
called "Love Rainbow" fitting for them, no? ;]
Much rabu :]]

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Popteen eye

Looking through Popteen I really wanted to try this makeup,
with separate lashes for the lower lid.
I like how it makes the eye
bigger and appear rounder.

Lately, i've been buying alot of falsies,
since my lashes refuse to curl even with the
so called best eyelash curlers D:
I usually get the ones I can use for gyaru makeup
from mummy or at
Though I want to try the ones now sold
at (also sells circle lens)
*is a falsie addict*

I decided to decorate my mirror,
mummy made the rose :P
my phone's next :D

New Arashi To be free PV= boring
I am disappoint
but the pretty...
Much love.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Berry Ice Cream

Barry M nail paint
When I saw this colour in Barry M I had to have it, it's called Berry Ice Cream
I also want to try Mushroom.
test:I'm really fond of pastels for summer!
Tsubasa's been tempting me with her new products,
but I think i'll stick with Barry M since they have the same colours!
Quite simple, I need to find a new good primer
to keep heavier make-up on in this heat.

Today I got a little crafty and made my own
Mini Usamimi (bunny ear) headband thingy :D

I'll be making more for sure!

Much love:]

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Tried a brown smokey eye
I'm still a only beginner as you can tell :(
Looking through this month's Ageha, I've been wanting to try heavier makeup.

My Art and Design exhibition is going up tomorrow, so excited :D
Early morning T.T
Finally everything is sorted, so I can shop more.

This weekend in England is going to be, finally!
So I think i'll be looking for one of these~
I'm loving these patterns/designs.
Much love

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Tangle teezer, I love you

So I bought this product specifically because I wanted to use it on my extensions to get rid of the knots that had formed during an unexpectedly windy day,
without ripping the synthetic hair to shreds.
I'd heard great things about this product from friends.
Not gonna lie , I got it home and was disappointed, it was tearing through my extensions and initially I thought I had ruined them T.T
Until I realised I was doin' it wrong, I changed my method and to my surprise they turned out looking like new, perhaps even better (thicker, nicer wave)
and hardly any hair was pulled out.
I also tried it on my own dry hair,
It did get rid of my knots really easily without tearing through,
but in the process my hair went a bit static.
I havn't tried it on wet hair yet, but i've heard it's perfect for getting knots out of wet hair.

The brush:Made of plastic,
looks a bit like a jelly bean and comes in other colours.

Here you can see the bristles are different sizes.
"The unique configuration of specifically designed teeth
flex just the right amount to detangle and help smooth the hair’s cuticle
which in turn protects the inner cortex from damage."

I should have read these first :D

What it says: Using the Tangle Teezer will ensure your hair will appear more lustrous by minimising cuticle damage which in turn will help colour last and reduce the risk of fading. The hair shaft is also better prepared for the onslaught of damaging heat from styling tools. That’s why we like to call it first aid for hair.
Price: £9.99
Where to find: Boots, Amazon,
Verdict: Does exactly what it says,
removes tangles easily without damaging hair, perfect for wigs and extensions.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Hats and Eyelashes

The sun was back yesterday ^^
Though I was stuck in all day preparing my end of year exhibition :[
I've been looking all over for one of these hats, turns out I didn't have to look far at all
£3.50- bargain :D
These were so popular at last years latitude festival, I should have got one then!

I saw these last month and i'm thinking about
buying another and getting some fabric to customise it...

I also found some lovely lashes in savers,
perfect because they have those seethrough back bones,
that are flexible and don't poke your eye out :D
I decided to try them both on at once
for a spider-eye look xD
I've also been looking at hair styles I can do
with my real hair length
I really like the first one <3 br="br">
Much love

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Hair ramblings.

Picture taken last week in my garden, where did the sun go?! T.T
Sorry for being a bad blogger. Been busy with exams, work and other things,
and I still have to finish coursework.
Thanks to this stress my skin is in a horrible state T.T
But now let's get back to procrastinating.

Hair diary

From now on I'll be keeping track of my hair length on this blog,
since it has been over a year since I decided to grow it.
Why? I'll get onto that later.
Just over a year ago my hair was cut awfully
and unevenly from bust to just past shoulder length;
thanks to a certain scissor happy hairdresser.
My hair length now:
Just past my bust.
What I do to help promote growth:
Collagen suppliments.

Hair goal: waist


Around the same time of my disaster haircut
my friend had returned from HK, and we were looking though
the magazines she brought back for haircut ideas.
And there she appeared xD
like an Angel geddit? ha No.
Thus, I decided not to get another haircut but to grow my hair.

In the meantime i've been faking long hair,
and today my new extensions came in:

Excuse my armhand
They're wavy 24" long synthetic,
i've never had extensions this long.
I'm really pleased with them.

Yesterday's Himitsu no Arashi: Sakurai Sho? lolwat xD

Muchlove xD

Saturday, 22 May 2010

[FILM] The blue light / Ao no Honō

Ao no Honō (2003)
Starring: Ninomiya Kazunari, Matsuura Aya, Suzuki Ann.
Tonight we ended up watching 青の炎 on DVD I'm in a Nino mood ok xD
Though i've already watched this way back, it
still gets me.
I'm not just saying it because i'm biased.
I even watched this before I was a fan.
I mean, look at Aiba in My Girl and Sho in Tokujo Kabachi

I couldn't finish watching them, tbh they bored me
But this...
I love how some of the scenes are shot (especially the shot above)
use of camera angles and natural resources are simple, yet so effective.
Lovely music too~
I really recommend this to people ~

I'd love to see Nino do more serious roles like this.
Thus, I am looking forward to his perfomances in Gantz and
I really don't understand why he keeps insisting he's an idol and not an actor.

Shuichi Kushimori is a 17 year old high school student who lives happily with his mother and stepsister. One day, without warning, his estranged stepfather returns home from a long absence. He quickly falls into a circle of drinking and starts abusing his ex-wife and daughter.When he begins to behave towards Shuichi's stepsister, Shuichi is compelled to take matters into his own hands...

Today was finee, nice to get some sun around here.
Though not nice seeing sweaty burnt old men without tops on.
whyy T.T

Much love :@

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Late night posting

Yeah so this is a late night post, since i'm totally not procrastrating -.-
I really should be finishing my art since it's due Monday, never in the mood anymore, meh.

Been looking through the photo's I took at last years Latitude Festival, and i've been told i'll be going this year too, and the SLR is coming too, should be cool :D


Friday, 14 May 2010



Gantz live-action.
The story follows a young Tokyo college student who is reanimated after a deadly subway accident. Kei Kurono (Ninomiya) and his friend Masaru Kato (Matsuyama) go on violent, seemingly endless missions at the behest of an unseen host.

Ok so the Manga & Anime was notoriously weird
and effed up
but this movie includes:
Nino in a SKINTIGHT leather suit
Nino falcon-punching lots of aliens
and hopefully some other good stuff.
So imma be there.
The cast is great, but will the live action keep the gore?

Much love :B

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Cheap as chips

Tried out my bottom fake lashes today. Excuse
my lazy eye
I blame the eyelid tape >.>

So I checked out my local market. wasn't expecting much but came home with these dresses
50p each!!

Just love these patterns and embroidery, i'm tempted to use them in my Editorials!

Never heard of the brand though
love peach ?!?

This week Love...

Makeup Acedemy new range in Superdrug
Everything is £1 including this blush in shade 1
Do want
Perfect for poor students like me *tear tear*
Though I have to travel to my almost local store
as it's only available in selected stores.

Much love :B