Saturday, 12 June 2010

Hats and Eyelashes

The sun was back yesterday ^^
Though I was stuck in all day preparing my end of year exhibition :[
I've been looking all over for one of these hats, turns out I didn't have to look far at all
£3.50- bargain :D
These were so popular at last years latitude festival, I should have got one then!

I saw these last month and i'm thinking about
buying another and getting some fabric to customise it...

I also found some lovely lashes in savers,
perfect because they have those seethrough back bones,
that are flexible and don't poke your eye out :D
I decided to try them both on at once
for a spider-eye look xD
I've also been looking at hair styles I can do
with my real hair length
I really like the first one <3 br="br">
Much love


  1. wow you have huge eyes!! You look just like a doll! love the hat.. so cute and what a bargain :D

  2. The bottom lashes your wearing look like mac 7's & your eyes are stunning!

    How long are you hair extenions? I like the first hair picture was well, but it looks like 2 & 3... haha


  3. @ Nic Nic: aw Thank you~
    Yeah I was so happy when I found one for so cheap! *Is a cheapskate* haha

    Desire: Now that you mention, they do look like #7's but they're not as long
    & Thanks :]]
    They're 24" wavy extensions~
    Haha the hair pics do look the same but I still like the first one best :D

  4. Oh can can hats are great, that's so cool you found one for a low price^^

    And I like the way those eyelashes look on you together, it's very bold!

  5. ahww, i like the dolly look =D

    ps. i followed you ^^ ! hope you can follow back :)

  6. @さらまり: Yeah i'm a sucker for a bargain haha took alot of searching though!
    & thanks~

    @Elisa Lee: Hihi Thanks for following :D
    following you back :]]