Sunday, 18 July 2010

Music festival feeling. [Latitude 2010]

This year's Latitude festival was soo good,
it never disappoints :D
All of the acts were amazing, though Florence and the machine
was the icing on the cake.

Sitting out in the sun enjoying good music with friends
what could be better?

I'll share some pictures I took on my days there.

Bubbles :D

The flags are so pretty each year
You can't really see
but around this sign
there were sheep dyed different colours :D

The pictures don't do any justice as to
how many people turned out this year, it was jam packed.

What I bought

You can't visit Latitude without visiting the stalls!I told you I was a fake eyelash addict :D I havn't tried these yet, i'll try incorporating them into my gyaru make-up.

I'm a sucker for some lace.
This is actually a vintage nightdress,
again the picture does no justice
(ughh mobile pic)
but i'll wear it like a maxi or something :D

No more buys 'cuz i'm broke now D:

This week
First episode of Matsujun's new drama natsu-niji is on tommorrow
@9pm can't wait, i'll be watching.
It's another rabu rabu story.
As expected, Arashi will be singing the theme tune
called "Love Rainbow" fitting for them, no? ;]
Much rabu :]]

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Popteen eye

Looking through Popteen I really wanted to try this makeup,
with separate lashes for the lower lid.
I like how it makes the eye
bigger and appear rounder.

Lately, i've been buying alot of falsies,
since my lashes refuse to curl even with the
so called best eyelash curlers D:
I usually get the ones I can use for gyaru makeup
from mummy or at
Though I want to try the ones now sold
at (also sells circle lens)
*is a falsie addict*

I decided to decorate my mirror,
mummy made the rose :P
my phone's next :D

New Arashi To be free PV= boring
I am disappoint
but the pretty...
Much love.