Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy new year! Tutorial & New Year Goals ♡


 Hi guys ^^ I hope you all had a lovely Christmas/holidays!
Tomorrow is a new year and I can't believe how fast 2012 has gone!
Tbh I'm glad it's over, let's just say I've learnt a lot.
I'll be spending tonight and tomorrow with my family, how will you all be spending it?
I'd like to hear!

Below is a little eye makeup tutorial for the makeup I'll be wearing tonight.


What I'll be wearing tonight ^^: 

I decided to pair my pastel pink soft wool dotted vintage jumper that I got for only £2 (bargain) at a charity shop with my beaded collar from New look and floral dress from Punky Fish ^^

Close up

I'm really pleased with my curls here, I used my new 
Babyliss tongs I got for Christmas
with L'oreal Elnett Wave Spray to set it, 
might do a video tutorial for it soon.
Below are some of my goals for 2013,
hopefully by the end of the year I will be able to cross everything off ^^ 

1. Update my design portfolio
I really need to do this ahead of uni next year
2. Play more guitar
3. Make more video make up tutorials
I've had a few comments from followers to make more.
Although I've really not had much time to make anymore,
I had a lot of fun making my first make up video,
I'm determined to make more, please let me know what content you would
like to see.
4. Update my blog more often 
Somehow, I find it very therapeutic, writing my thoughts down.
I need to find more time to do this.
5. Clear out my wardrobe 
My style has changed so much over the year,
so I now have so many clothes that I don't wear, it's
getting out of hand, I need to be ruthless with this.

6. Experience more
This past year has taught me that I need to push myself more in
everything I do, to achieve what I want to achieve.

What are your resolutions?

I hope everyone has a lovely New Year!

See you in 2013!
Thanks for reading! 

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Fotd ♡

Lately i've been going for the heavier inspired gyaru makeup again ^^
Foundation: Dr Jart Regenerating BB cream + Chanel Vitalumiere
Blush: Maybelline Dream Terra Sun Bronzer
Top Eyelashes: Eyelure Cheryl Cole
Bottom Eyelashes: Perfect Girl
Eyeliner:  L'oreal Super Liner, Black Lacquer in Black Vinyl
Eyeliner Pencil: Maybelline Expression Kajal in Black 
Eyeshadow: No7
Eyebrows: Dollywink in Mocha
Lips: Candy doll Lip concealer + Gosh Velvet Touch in Darling


I wanted my feet to be warm today so I layered my knee highs over my
tights, with my favorite furry wedge ankle boots (*^^*)

Bought this necklace yesterday from Ark - new fave shop :D

 This months hair inspirations ♡

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Winter Outfit today, life, gets and belts ♡

Boots: Store 21
Shorts: Market Stall
Scarf: H&M
Jacket: TKMaxx
Top: Matalan


Hello Lovelies!
 The time has come for me to get out my winter outfits, 
I prefer creating winter outfits for some reason  (´∀`),
I think it's the layers and textures, but I definitely don't prefer the cold!

Belts 99p each!
I love gold and black, and would love to get a gorgeous D.I.A belt *.*

but for 99p each I had to get them, they're perfect for some coords i've got in mind  ^^

I have a thing for nice buckle patterns lol #what ヽ(*ω。)ノ

Furry legwarmers *.* When I saw these I had to get them.
Just imagining how warm they're gonna be! (✿◠‿◠)

 Hairy legs lolol

There have been alot of big changes in my life recently.
I've decided to go to university next year to persue my dream of being
an illustrator.
I went to an open day recently and I loved it.
The only thing is, i'm still so confused regarding which course to choose.
Graphic Design or Illustration?
Illustration or Graphic Design?
Argh, I hate being so indecisive ><

I'm going to spend the rest of this year working on my portfolio
for uni and spending more time with my family.
After someone very very close to me became very ill this year,
it made me realize even more how important family time is.

Also blogging, I want to start blogging more,
as i've re designed my blog and I'm finally happy with it!
What do you think?

Thank you for reading!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Review: Gabalnara Clip on Fringe wig/Bangs

Recently I thought to myself ,
hey, sometimes I feel like having a fringe and sometimes I just don't ^^. 
I just change my mind too much, and if I cut in a fringe after a few 
weeks i'd be thinking I want to grow it out again.
Also, I don't really want to cut my hair (I'm growing it still). 
So I decided to buy myself a little clip on fringe.

Find my previous review of one of their wigs here.
You can find this fringe wig here

 Launched in 2005, GABALNARA is brand founder Lim Jung Han's answer to the lack of quality wigs available in South Korea. All GABALNARA wigs, accessories and hair pieces are designed in-house by Hah Jae Hyun and Ock Hye Mi using research data based on head circumferences of Asians. The brand aims to provide a wider selection of finely made wigs and hair pieces in different colors and styles proudly made in South Korea.

Again, I'm very impressed with Gabalnara.
The first thing I noticed about this hairpiece was how thick it is. 
I would never be able to achieve the same thickness when cutting
my fringe in without bringing alot of hair forward, 
and loosing overall volume to the rest of my hair.
You can use it to add thickness to an existing fringe too.
I also really like how it came styled, sort of swept to the side, rather than straight, 
though you can straighten it if you want since it's human hair.
My picture above is how it looked when I got it.
All I did was comb it, and that's all I've ever done, 
no hairspray needed, it sort of falls back into place, I love that.
If it were my real fringe, I'd worry the style wouldn't stay for long, 
or I'd worry about it staying straight.
The clips feel very secure, It was very windy the other day 
and I was worried about it flying off in someones face ^^; , 
but it didn't budge at all!
Since it's human hair,
 it looks very natural, shines like real hair,
 and fits my hair colour perfectly, my friends thought I had a haircut!
Lastly - the price! 
The price is so reasonable: £14.00!
when I looked at some western stores they were selling 
synthetic for around £14.00 and real human hair at up to £30.00
and I didn't really like the styles.
I'm trying to think of some negatives- the only things I can think of is that
when you get it, it is quite long, so you may need to cut it.

Also there isn't a very wide range of colours, 
though you could just buy the blonde one and dye it.
Overall, I love it!

Natural Dark Brown Human Hair Fringe - Straight
One Size : Total Length 15cm
Material: Human Hair 
Colour: Dark Black, Natural Black, Natural Dark Brown, 
Natural Brown, Blonde Brown
Wash Care: Hand wash only 
 Price: £14.00
Where to find:,,

Thank you for reading!

Monday, 2 July 2012

My makeup Video ♡

Hi lovelies,
I decided to make a make up video,  
pop the annotations on for products i’m using and tips :) 
 sorry for the quality ><;; 
watch on Youtube for better quality 
This is my first time making a video ^^;

Products used In order:
BB cream: Skin 79 Oriental Gold
Concealer: Garnier Tinted Eye Roll-on
Eyebrow pencil: No 7 Precision Brow in Blonde
Eyebrow Mascara: Dollywink in Mocha
Eyeliner: L'oreal Super Liner, Black Lacquer in Black Vinyl
Eyelash Glue: Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive
Upper False Eyelashes: Dollywink No 2
Eyeliner Pencil: Maybelline Expression Kajal in Black
Bottom Eyelashes: Dollywink No 5
Mascara: Maybelline, The Falsies in Black Drama
Blusher: MUA in Pink Shade No 1
Contour: Sleek Contour Kit in Light
Highlight: Benefit High beam
Lips: Candy Doll Lip Concealer and clear lipgloss

My hair was inspired by Kumickey here:

Thank you for watching :)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

FOTW and Dollywink Eyebrows

Hihi ^^ 
this is my face of the weekend :)
 I decided to use lighter gyaru makeup with my recent haul from SaSa

 Closeup of my eye ^^ it's scary :P
Haul Makeup used:
Skin79's Oriental gold BB cream and blush
Dollywink Eyelashes No.1 and No.5
Dollywink Eyebrow Mascara in Mocha  
Candydoll LipConcealer
Collection 2000 24 hour EXTREME TIP LINER (capslocklol) in BLACK 

love love love this liner <33 bought it when looking for something a bit like Dollywink's

 So, I'm not going to talk about any of the Dollywink Eyelashes etc, since i'm pretty sure there's 
a load of reviews around of them.

But I do want to talk about this:

 The Dollywink Eyebrow mascara from Tsubasa's newest line of products.
Love it.
At first I was like yeah right is this gonna change the colour of my black eyebrows
( I challenge youu! ) 
 But it did. 
I trimmed them first, and it does take a bit of getting used to
to make sure it doesn't go clumpy (crusty eyebrows eww) 
but I liked how they turned out in the end ^^.

So I don't know whether I'm going to stick with the lighter style
 or if i'm going to stick with the heavier style of makeup?
what do you think?

This Week:
tumblr where I post my Gyaru Streetsnap inspirations and also personal posts
and things:

This weekend was lovely, I hope the sun comes out again ;.;

Hihi lovely new followers ^^ ♥

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Pound lashes + Makeup

I hope everyone has had a great start to 2012!
I just wanted to post about my recent find in Poundland.
These false lashes have recently been added to my huge collection ^^'
(I think I have an addiction D: )
and since they're so cheap at £1 I couldn't resist buying a few pairs ><
You can wear one on each eye for a natural look, 
or double them up for Gyaru makeup.
Here I've doubled them up for a more dramatic look.
As you can see they have that spiky Gyaru look~

Overall I'm very pleased with this find, 
it's quite hard to find eyelashes that can be used for Gyaru in the UK for cheap!
I'll be experimenting a lot of different styles with these~
Thanks for reading
and hello to all of my new followers~