Sunday, 8 January 2012

Pound lashes + Makeup

I hope everyone has had a great start to 2012!
I just wanted to post about my recent find in Poundland.
These false lashes have recently been added to my huge collection ^^'
(I think I have an addiction D: )
and since they're so cheap at £1 I couldn't resist buying a few pairs ><
You can wear one on each eye for a natural look, 
or double them up for Gyaru makeup.
Here I've doubled them up for a more dramatic look.
As you can see they have that spiky Gyaru look~

Overall I'm very pleased with this find, 
it's quite hard to find eyelashes that can be used for Gyaru in the UK for cheap!
I'll be experimenting a lot of different styles with these~
Thanks for reading
and hello to all of my new followers~


  1. There are from poundland? :O Wow! They actually look really cute! Thanks for sharing this ~ I'll have to see if they have them in my town ;D x

  2. Wow, I walked past poundland yesterday. Must pop back there to see if my local one stocks these. They look great! x

  3. lovely blog and lovely post - you look so pretty, these lashes really define your eyes and face. Just found your blog, really like it... i'm your newest follower :) You can find me here


  4. Hi! I like your makeup! :)

  5. Ahhh! New follower:) So cute that you love Arashi...MatsuJun was my first love before Yamapi:P I don't have a dramatic enough look to pull of gyaru but you are too cute^^You should post outfit of the day pix^^Would love to see your wardrobe^^

    Check out my blog too at

  6. I use these all the time - Thankyou poundland XD ^0^ they are brilliant aren't they? ♡ similar to Diamond lash dolly eye~
    I always doubl them up - beautiful makeup dear~♡

  7. Your eyes looks so pretty ^^ Never knew Poundland did lashes though! Might have to find some of these ;D xx