Friday, 30 December 2011


Hi all! ^^ hope you had a great Christmas week.
Ah it feels like I havn't blogged in ages! 
Well it's probably because I havn't, the last post before my 
Gabalnara wig review was after last new years! 
So it's almost been a year!  hope you all had a lovely year!
Mine was... eventful it's only now that i've finally got a chance to sit down and blog ^^'

So i'll start off by saying followers, thank you for staying with me (new followers hihi^^) 
and next year I want to make my blog better.
More beauty reviews, items Gyaru can buy in the UK, makeup tutorials (perhaps video ones? ><), 
more photography (I bought a Canon 550d, but havn't had much of a chance to use it yet)
So I hope you can all stay with me through next year too!

I'll leave you with some inspiring Gyaru makeup, 
that inspired my makeup here:
Next year I want to become better at gyaru...
See you all next year!

Monday, 26 December 2011

Gabalnara Wig Review

With Flash (bangs have been cut)

I bought this wig from Yesstyle uk.

About Gabalnara
Launched in 2005, GABALNARA is brand founder Lim Jung Han's answer to the lack of quality wigs available in South Korea. All GABALNARA wigs, accessories and hair pieces are designed in-house by Hah Jae Hyun and Ock Hye Mi using research data based on head circumferences of Asians. The brand aims to provide a wider selection of finely made wigs and hair pieces in different colors and styles proudly made in South Korea.

This wig company have some wigs that are perfect for gyaru.


The quality of this wig is just lovely.
The fibers look and feel soft, like real hair,
and as you can see from the above picture,
the shine is very natural and not plasticy with flash.
The parting looks natural too and even has a little fake scalp bit.
I'm very very impressed, it was definitely worth the price.
The only thing that bothered me was the pictures on the website
(on the mannequin) make the wig seem longer.
In the picture below the fringe has not yet been cut or styled.

Description: "Prima-H" Heat Friendly Synthetic Material
* 120°C up to 130°C Heat Recommended. No Dye. No Perm. Natural Black.
Hand Wash Only.One Size (M) : Total Length Front 10cm, Side 40cm, Rear 68cm.
Comes with a wig cap.
Price: £42.00
Where to find:,,
Verdict: Loove this wig.

Natural light (uncut bangs)

Sunday, 2 January 2011

New hair, Kouhaku and JCD

New year, new hair
I decided to go back to black (my natural hair colour)
love it


Well, this year I decided I would watch Kouhaku,
a Japanese annual music show on New years eve,
which I usually only watch parts of,
but this year I watched it all because
Arashi were bloody hosting,
Aww you could tell they were so nervous at first, but they did good, I thought!
and of course their white team won, haha.
I really enjoyed watching it I might even watch again
next year even if Arashi aren't on :D

Johnny's Countdown
(Lookin fab in those coats boys, Jun's & Ohno's= want)
I also watched the Johnny's countdown,
the program that all fangirls look forward to watching at the end of the year ;D
loved it, though I don't think it was as good as previous years.
But how could I not love this performance?
(nevar change)

(drunken Jun, lovin' that hair)

(sakumiyaa <3)(swearing! riida)The end.

I'll leave you with my new nails from poundland
the flowers are 3D :D

Much love