Friday, 30 December 2011


Hi all! ^^ hope you had a great Christmas week.
Ah it feels like I havn't blogged in ages! 
Well it's probably because I havn't, the last post before my 
Gabalnara wig review was after last new years! 
So it's almost been a year!  hope you all had a lovely year!
Mine was... eventful it's only now that i've finally got a chance to sit down and blog ^^'

So i'll start off by saying followers, thank you for staying with me (new followers hihi^^) 
and next year I want to make my blog better.
More beauty reviews, items Gyaru can buy in the UK, makeup tutorials (perhaps video ones? ><), 
more photography (I bought a Canon 550d, but havn't had much of a chance to use it yet)
So I hope you can all stay with me through next year too!

I'll leave you with some inspiring Gyaru makeup, 
that inspired my makeup here:
Next year I want to become better at gyaru...
See you all next year!


  1. Hello (^__^) Thanks for following ~ Followed you back :D
    May I ask where abouts in England you live? (^w^)
    Love your blog :D

  2. great blog! I love it!~

    check my blog and become a reader if you want! I would appreciate that!:)