Sunday, 30 September 2012

Review: Gabalnara Clip on Fringe wig/Bangs

Recently I thought to myself ,
hey, sometimes I feel like having a fringe and sometimes I just don't ^^. 
I just change my mind too much, and if I cut in a fringe after a few 
weeks i'd be thinking I want to grow it out again.
Also, I don't really want to cut my hair (I'm growing it still). 
So I decided to buy myself a little clip on fringe.

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You can find this fringe wig here

 Launched in 2005, GABALNARA is brand founder Lim Jung Han's answer to the lack of quality wigs available in South Korea. All GABALNARA wigs, accessories and hair pieces are designed in-house by Hah Jae Hyun and Ock Hye Mi using research data based on head circumferences of Asians. The brand aims to provide a wider selection of finely made wigs and hair pieces in different colors and styles proudly made in South Korea.

Again, I'm very impressed with Gabalnara.
The first thing I noticed about this hairpiece was how thick it is. 
I would never be able to achieve the same thickness when cutting
my fringe in without bringing alot of hair forward, 
and loosing overall volume to the rest of my hair.
You can use it to add thickness to an existing fringe too.
I also really like how it came styled, sort of swept to the side, rather than straight, 
though you can straighten it if you want since it's human hair.
My picture above is how it looked when I got it.
All I did was comb it, and that's all I've ever done, 
no hairspray needed, it sort of falls back into place, I love that.
If it were my real fringe, I'd worry the style wouldn't stay for long, 
or I'd worry about it staying straight.
The clips feel very secure, It was very windy the other day 
and I was worried about it flying off in someones face ^^; , 
but it didn't budge at all!
Since it's human hair,
 it looks very natural, shines like real hair,
 and fits my hair colour perfectly, my friends thought I had a haircut!
Lastly - the price! 
The price is so reasonable: £14.00!
when I looked at some western stores they were selling 
synthetic for around £14.00 and real human hair at up to £30.00
and I didn't really like the styles.
I'm trying to think of some negatives- the only things I can think of is that
when you get it, it is quite long, so you may need to cut it.

Also there isn't a very wide range of colours, 
though you could just buy the blonde one and dye it.
Overall, I love it!

Natural Dark Brown Human Hair Fringe - Straight
One Size : Total Length 15cm
Material: Human Hair 
Colour: Dark Black, Natural Black, Natural Dark Brown, 
Natural Brown, Blonde Brown
Wash Care: Hand wash only 
 Price: £14.00
Where to find:,,

Thank you for reading!


  1. Oh wow that fringe blends in so well with your hair! :3 Dying to get one now~

  2. Awesome review:) Looks great on you!

    1. Thank you :) ! and thanks for reading, I'm glad you found it helpful!

  3. Bought it too a year ago, and I really love it.

    BTW, you're the one who makes me bought the bangs LOL