Sunday, 4 July 2010

Popteen eye

Looking through Popteen I really wanted to try this makeup,
with separate lashes for the lower lid.
I like how it makes the eye
bigger and appear rounder.

Lately, i've been buying alot of falsies,
since my lashes refuse to curl even with the
so called best eyelash curlers D:
I usually get the ones I can use for gyaru makeup
from mummy or at
Though I want to try the ones now sold
at (also sells circle lens)
*is a falsie addict*

I decided to decorate my mirror,
mummy made the rose :P
my phone's next :D

New Arashi To be free PV= boring
I am disappoint
but the pretty...
Much love.


  1. I love the false eyelashes on you, the look is so cute and dramatic! You're cute^^/

    And I like how you decorated your mirror, I should try that as well. The rose your mom made is lovely and so sweet^^

  2. Beautifull eyes. Nice blog!

  3. @さらまり:Thank you! Though now i'm scared of using it, I don't want the deco to fall off haha

    @ Tom: Thank you! thanks for visiting :]