Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Hair ramblings.

Picture taken last week in my garden, where did the sun go?! T.T
Sorry for being a bad blogger. Been busy with exams, work and other things,
and I still have to finish coursework.
Thanks to this stress my skin is in a horrible state T.T
But now let's get back to procrastinating.

Hair diary

From now on I'll be keeping track of my hair length on this blog,
since it has been over a year since I decided to grow it.
Why? I'll get onto that later.
Just over a year ago my hair was cut awfully
and unevenly from bust to just past shoulder length;
thanks to a certain scissor happy hairdresser.
My hair length now:
Just past my bust.
What I do to help promote growth:
Collagen suppliments.

Hair goal: waist


Around the same time of my disaster haircut
my friend had returned from HK, and we were looking though
the magazines she brought back for haircut ideas.
And there she appeared xD
like an Angel geddit? ha No.
Thus, I decided not to get another haircut but to grow my hair.

In the meantime i've been faking long hair,
and today my new extensions came in:

Excuse my armhand
They're wavy 24" long synthetic,
i've never had extensions this long.
I'm really pleased with them.

Yesterday's Himitsu no Arashi: Sakurai Sho? lolwat xD

Muchlove xD


  1. I am also trying to grow my hair longer, but I'm not sure if I can reach my waist hehe^^

    Your extensions look great, the long hair really looks nice on you!

  2. you have nice hair. =D

  3. @さらまり: Ah goodluck growing your hair! To be honest I don't know if I can grow to waist either lol but i'll try
    & Thank you :]]

    NANCYXO: Thank you! xD I do try!

  4. your hair is just so pretty! i think i need to get extentions now!

    just out of curioity, what curling irons do you use? =)

  5. @Joanna: Thank you! :D
    I use Toni & Guy 38 mm Tourmaline Tong :]]