Saturday, 15 May 2010

Late night posting

Yeah so this is a late night post, since i'm totally not procrastrating -.-
I really should be finishing my art since it's due Monday, never in the mood anymore, meh.

Been looking through the photo's I took at last years Latitude Festival, and i've been told i'll be going this year too, and the SLR is coming too, should be cool :D



  1. hihi thanks for following :D

    cool pictures! the festival looks really cool..

    great to see another fellow brit blogger XD

    I see you're a huge fan of Arashi.. as you might know they are HUGE here haha

  2. Oh I love those photos *__*)/ Truly gorgeous and the sky seem somewhat more beautiful at your place than here ♥♥♥

  3. @Nic Nic: Heya
    Np~ Love your blog btw
    & thanks for following too~
    Yeah~ Brit bloggers ftw haha :D
    Yes yes they're my guilty pleasure hehe
    I bet :P I've heard from friends that they've even been called a social phenomenon?!

    @Emmelie ♥: Thankyou :D, yes the sky was really lovely that day~ until it started to rain T.T haha typical british weather xD

  4. Procrastination ftw :D

    Love the photos, the pretty colours <3

  5. @Lyren: lol yess ftw(in moderation) xD
    Thanks~ :D

  6. i want to ask you something , and please answer me because it's going to be in our exam .
    what doe the word procrastrating mean ?