Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Cheap as chips

Tried out my bottom fake lashes today. Excuse
my lazy eye
I blame the eyelid tape >.>

So I checked out my local market. wasn't expecting much but came home with these dresses
50p each!!

Just love these patterns and embroidery, i'm tempted to use them in my Editorials!

Never heard of the brand though
love peach ?!?

This week Love...

Makeup Acedemy new range in Superdrug
Everything is £1 including this blush in shade 1
Do want
Perfect for poor students like me *tear tear*
Though I have to travel to my almost local store
as it's only available in selected stores.

Much love :B


  1. you look so adorable! =D I'm loving the 50p dresses as well! GREAT bargain! ^^

  2. Aw Thank you! ^^ Yeah when I saw them for 50p couldn't believe it xD