Thursday, 9 September 2010

Hiatus. Southwold [Summer 2010]

I went on an unannounced hiatus, sorry.
I had to sort out things with family.
No worries, it's sorted now.
So, i'll spam you with some of my summer pics taken in Southwold with my new baby;
my Fuji Instax,
man I love this thing, but it's so bloody big,
everyone stares at you like WTF when you use it
you get random people asking you wtf is that,
and the film is bloody expensive T.T.
I still take it everywhere though ;D
I've always wanted an instant camera.

(Click to enlarge these)
Looks like a desert island beach or something, doesn't it?
See if you can spot the lone little boy xD

I love this clock thingy, fascinates me every time. :D

That's it for now ;D

Here, have some FIERCE 2ne1;

I don't care, i'm lovin' it. Awaitin' 2NE1TV.
Bommie werk dat red head ;D

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