Monday, 7 January 2013

Looking back: Photography 2012 ♡

 Hello lovelies!
This is just a personal post for me to look back at 2012 through a few of my 
photos I took on countryside walks.
A lot of these just make me miss summer ;.;
Picture post ahead.
Click images for larger.

Such a lovely meadow. I don't remember it being this sunny ^^

Apple trees :D

Some panoramic photos:

I love this view.

 It was absolutely freezing on this day D:

I remember this was the first time I'd seen meaningful Graffiti

I don't know why, but I love finding little creepy abandoned houses in the middle
of the woods, and exploring them,  reminds me of wrong turn or something.

Love this picture of my cat ^^

Can't wait for it to get a little bit warmer so
I can go on some long walks through the English countryside
 and take some photos this year :D
I miss summer!

Thanks for reading! 

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